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Actual love, he writes, is based on a disciplined commitment to improving another person: “If I truly love another, I will obviously order my behavior in such a way as to contribute the utmost to his or her spiritual growth.” So who invented this pernicious, exhausting myth? The telling of a story is one of the meanings of ‘romance’, but this story now became individualised, inserting self and other into a personal narrative which had no particular reference to wider social processes.The rise of the romantic novel more or less coincided with the emergence of the novel: the connection was one of newly discovered narrative form.But on this side of the pond, contrary to that graph, the conventional wisdom is that love peaked in the 1960s—specifically the “Summer of Love,” in 1967.

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It turns out to be a bit of a misdirect — she's just there helping out while Carl recovers from his recent gunshot wound, and enough time has passed that Carl is back on his feet again — but it's enough to plant the idea in your head that Rick and Michonne might make a pretty good couple, an idea the show follows through on in the last five minutes of the episode. Romance is not really something has done well — outside of a little Carol/Daryl pining here and there.It’s called Valentine’s Day, but much like Christmas or the Super Bowl, it is hardly a single-day event in America anymore. Evolutionary psychologists theorize that it was a survival tool that promoted interdependence and parental responsibility while also limiting exposure to STDs.The diamond and lingerie companies now roll out ads in January, ensuring you’ll be properly shamed into buying their products by February 14, and then Hollywood bombards us with trailers for sappy holiday films. Neurochemists have discovered it actually makes us high. Nineteenth-century German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer believed that “love is an illusion like no other; it will induce a man to sacrifice everything he possesses in the world, in order to obtain this woman, who in reality will satisfy him no more than any other”—but it’s an essential illusion, tricking a man into thinking he’s acting in his own interest when, in fact, he’s helping preserve the species.Starting in the early 1990s, political activists began challenging the opprobrium associated with being transgender and started to put pressure on the government to recognize the rights of gender variants.The term that these activists use, transgender, refers to someone whom society has assigned a gender at birth, but chooses to perform as another because it is what they feel is appropriate to their mind and being.

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