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was one of the earliest firms to provide CRM consulting services in New Jersey. Another of New Jersey's earliest contract archaeologists was the late Herbert Kraft, anthropology professor at Seton Hall University.

However, his early career was spent as a professor of anthropology at Farleigh Dickinson University. I do know that he was doing CRM work earlier, but probably not as an incorporated company. Although he was always associated with Seton Hall, Herb did considerable contract archaeology in New Jersey, dating from about 1976 (possibly earlier).

There are a number of others and I have listed those who appear most prominently in the Annotated Bibliography through 12/31/1979: Cultural Resource Survey Reports Submitted to the New Jersey State Historic Preservation Office. of Anthro., Montclair State College Joel Grossman, Rutgers Archaeological Survey Office, Dep.

of Human Ecology, Cook College, Rutgers University Susan Kardas and Edward Larrabee, Historic Sites Research Barbara Liggett John Milner Associates (Dr. of Archaeology) Brian Morrell, worked with Rutsch Alan Mounier, Archaeological Surveys & Assessments Ron Thomas, Mid-Atlantic Archaeological Research Budd Wilson, early career with state of NJ at Batsto and in Trenton in SHPO, worked with Rutsch.

She graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a bachelor's degree in English.

Lathan then attended Yale University and earned a master's degree in drama.

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Thanks, Dave Phillips Edward Rutsch of Historic Conservation and Interpretation, Inc.

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