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-v Request that the chat script be executed in a verbose mode.

The chat program will then log the execution state of the chat script as well as all text received from the modem and the output strings sent to the modem.

Many i OS apps that support push messaging make a copy of login information and store it in a database on their own server.

If this option is not used and you still use REPORT keywords, the stderr file is used for the report strings. Echoing may also be turned on or off at specific points in the chat script by using the ECHO keyword.The lack of a middle man is important for the following reasons.Protect your password We all know that you should never give your work or personal IM username and password to any website that asks for it.Credential extraction will go through all plug-ins registered for Plone PAS system.The first found login/password pair attempt will be used for user authentication.

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