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So it was working as a sandbox version with my own personal telephone number and is still working as a production app with my own number but doesn't work with other, non-verified numbers.

A Long Code is also called a Virtual Mobile Number.

To see the list of countries mcharge supports, please click here: coverage.

These Short Codes are shared between several mpulse clients.

When a mobile phone sends the text « abc hello » via SMS to a Shared Short Code, the mpulse client that reserved the keyword « abc » will receive that message.

SMS provides comprehensive safety and regulatory training required by MMS, the U. Coast Guard, OSHA, IADC, API, STCW part 2010, OPITO and DOT.

Additionally, all SMS instructors are mentored by tenured instructors to guarantee that training protocols are followed across the board.It could be an issue with the number transferring from a sandbox version of the app.Sinch recommends you play in a sandbox before putting it out into production.Compared to Dedicated Short Codes, Shared Short Codes offer lower setup and monthly fees.To distribute the incoming SMS between different mpulse clients, mpulse uses “Keywords”. They allow you to avoid involving your brand-name with others and to run a large number of applications on it.

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