Dating older men article

I prefer dating older men — I’m talking a decade or more, like a Nigerian model who recently married a governor who is three decades her senior. For your information, absent dads do not always breed girls with a penchant for older men. Any girl can be a little slutty; it has nothing to do with their daddy. A lot of people find it immoral even when they don’t know the motivation behind the relationship.

Women who prefer to date from a much older pool get unfairly lumped with the young women that like older men simply for their money. Sure, there’s a strategic advantage for women who snag an older gent —older men have had more time to accumulate resources and stability than his younger counterparts, which make them a more viable partner for a long-term relationship.

Depending on the age gap, a younger woman dating an older man is often seen as taboo.You are pretty much guaranteed a secure and comfortable life but that’s not all.Women who date older, financially stable men become more financially independent than the women who date within their age group.Younger women typically seek a connection in a relationship, while men of the same age don't necessarily have the same need for a bona fide connection, according to author and clinical counselor Kim Olver, as discussed in the Psychology Today article, "Younger Women and Older Men." Younger men tend to be self-centered, especially if they are in the stage of figuring out who they are.This can mean they are less likely to commit to a woman.

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