Israel and headstones dating from 1096 to 1105 ce

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To myself, the value of my historical and genealogical work consists mainly in the friendships and the memories of friendships which it has brought to me. This was the very portion of the original Britain which was first conquered, (A. 449-450), by the hordes of Jutes, Engles and Saxons, who swarmed over from the European mainland, and finally coalesced (A. 829), under King Ecgberght, as the English people, occupying what since has been know as England — (i. But, for the real fatherland of the English race, — and, of course, for that of the Stiles name and family, — we must look still further away, beyond England itself. Marie's, in Cam- bridge." John Still, (probably the same), is also mentioned, (p. He is also biographized in Thomas Fuller's Worthies of England, (Vol. Their success invited a mightier foe to the work of invasion, the free- booter Saxons, from the Friesland and Holstein shores — pirates, whose long pillaging and ravaging of the eastern shore of Britain, from the Wash to the Solent, gave it its name of "the Saxon shore. At this place was a cell of Benedictine monks be- longing to the abbey of St. t Bedfordshire is an inland county, hounded on the east by the counties of Huntingdon and Cambridge; south by Hertfordshire; west by Buckinghamshire, and north by Northamp- tonshire. Amands and Beauchamps, was purchased of the latter by Sir John Cornwall, who in 1442, was created Baron of Milbrook. Michael; patron Lord Holland." During the year 1884, in order to assure myself that these records had been correctly transcribed, and that no other items of interest had been overlooked, I caused another careful examination to be made, by an experienced genealogical searcher, in the Milbrooke * Lives of the Abbotts of St. Second — It is very evident that the family was not of Bedfordshire origin. e., the Pallzado, or that part of the settlement w Mah [rounded with pall tor defence. Inpr : Beckoned the 25th March 1619 and then all access being leuied, there remained due at the 22th Aprill next ensuing from Henry Styles to the said Thomas Gillburt hue pounds, I say due to me the said Thomas Gillburt 05 00 00 Since due for diett beginning the 22th Aprill. to Jeaines Egleston for him 00 12 06 for 8 yards of cloth and making of two shirts 01 01 00 paid to John Bancroft for him 00 01 06 for a bull calf e that I sould him 00 10 00 againe paid to Jeames Egleston 00 04 08 paid to John Drake, junior for him 00 01 06 lent to him one bushell of Indian corne 00 02 06 I paid to John Denslow for him . pages; and in December, 1885, the first signature of my Connec- ticut work was printed. Guild's manuscript was growing apace — as was my own; and it gradually dawned upon us that the joint work could not, by any possibility, be squeezed into the originally proposed limits. This, as evidenced by the historical memoranda which we have accumulated in the following pages, was principally — if not altogether — in the South-eastern corner of England, viz., in the present counties of Suffolk, Norfolk, Kent, Essex, Sussex and Northampton. t In the Hist, of the University of Cambridge, by Edm'd Carter, pub. " The first design of these Preachers was to instruct the ignorant, not only in and about Cambridge, but in many other places ; but afterwards, learned Ministers being appointed in all places to instruct the unlearned, they are now, by their Office, to preach a Latin Sermon called Concio ad Clervm, before the University, the Day before the Term begins; and others in English, -at appointed Times, before that learned Body, in the Church of Great St. It was by successive invasions of these closely related tribes, that the eastern and southeastern parts of Britain were Jirst perma- nently occupied, and ultimately made England. D., the Jutes, under their ealdo:nien (earls) Hengest and Horsa, invaded and held what is now known as the County of Kent. 195), says, of this tradition, that it is "as reasonable as the similar stories for Mary Chilton at Plymouth, and Ann Pollard, of Boston:" hut, (in errata, 1. adds, " but the the story of Stiles is far less probable." THE CONNECTICUT FAMILY. In the Park, also, stands "Queen Catherine's Cross." So little change has evidently taken place within the past cen- tury, in this little hamlet, that its present condition may be almost as well described in the words of Lyson,* who wrote in 1801 : " Milbrook, in [the County of Beclfordf ] in the hundred of Bedbornstoke and deanery of Flitt, is a small village, scarcely a mile from Ampthill. otherwise Beaulieu, in Hertfordshire,"^ the prior of which place had a grant of free warren in Milbrook, in 1294.t " The manor having belonged successively to the St. ( 3 ) A Thomas, " the carpenter/' and his wife Maria, both of whom died in 1614, well in years, and who were the parents of eight chil- dren, of whom four sons and one daughter, came to America in 1635 — from which emigration originated the Connecticut Familv of Stiles.

israel and headstones dating from 1096 to 1105 ce-27

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An Appendix, containing Information Concerning the English Families of the Name. But for the kindly patience of my printers, I should long ago have been tempted to throw it up altogether. and that he was well acquainted with many of the original Settlers of Windsor. The rector had an allotment also in lieu of fern, on Milbrook Warren, and there was an allotment to the poor for fuel." Milbrook, (according to the report made to Parliament in 1801, of the number of houses, families and persons in each parish of Bed- fordshire), had 67 inhabited houses; uninhabited houses, none; fam- ilies, 71; persons, 327. In London, Francis Stiles, who seems to have been of a more active and enterprising spirit than the others, in some way fell in with, or attracted the attention of Sir Richard Saltonstall, one of a company of English noblemen, who, having become thoroughly dis- satisfied with the conduct of affairs under the then reigning monarch, King Charles I., had determined to seek a new home across the sea, and had obtained a patent for a broad extent of territory in America, whereon to found a new commonwealth. -j* 1654 Is 11', 1 absolutely certain, n tin- Conner date, the magistrates were Mr, Wells, Depu- [Gov.] Mr. Although under the Dutch government of the Xew Netherlands, the little community of Flushing had a liberal admixture of Englishmen, from the New Eng- land colonies, and of Friends, or Quakers, from Holland. j Here lies Buried in the dust | One that in Jesus put his Trust/' •'In Memory of j Mrs. Samuel Stiles | who died Oct 6 fcil 1799 aged 93 years," The tax list of 1736 gives this exhibition of his taxable property: "One head, 18; house land, 3 acres, % 03; meadow land, 42 acres, ; upland, 9 acres, ; five horses, 15; one of two yrs.

So, in 1892, she issued her Genealogies of the Massachusetts Family, Descendants of Robert Stiles of Rowley, Mass., 1659-1891; and the Dover, N. Y., es- pecially in the tracing of the English family of Stiles, presented in Appendix I. There are, of course, many others who have cordially as- sisted in their own individual family lines; and such I have en- deavored punctiliously to credit in the body of the work. And so, with a warm cousinly greeting to all good men and women of the Family, who may become interested in these pages, I remain, Their friend and well-wisher, (Isfywu/ August 8, 1895. THE REMOTE ORIGIN -OF THE- NAME AND FA MIL Y OF STILES. If other families claim that their ancestors "came into England with William the Conqueror," ours may rest assured that it was in Britain before the Conquest. 84), mentions, "among names which describe the nature or situation of the original bearer's residence, such as Hill, Dale, Wood," etc., that of Stile, Styles, given in the old Subsidy Roll of the Rape of Lewes, Co. If the reader will consult a map of Northern Europe, he will there see this remoter fatherland. D., the north- ern portion of the peninsula, now known as Jutland, and which divides the North Sea, or German Ocean, from the Baltic Sea, was occupied by a warrior tribe, called Jutes, who were probably akin to the race that was fringing the opposite shores of Scandinavia, and settling among the Danish isles. 411), as one of the Vice Chan- cellors of the University of Cambridge, in 1575. 7 ' In 477, bands of these pirates made a landing, which became the basis 4 Friend William "Ffeburarie the xv Hawkins" 1634 I suppose this William Hawkins was a Minister of the Parish, and that Thomas Stiles who signed with his Mark applied to him for the Record of Baptisms and to write this Letter for him. Alban's, which was removed about the * Magna Brittanica, 1806, vol. Not long after the death of this brave officer, who was better known by his other title of Lord Fanhope, Milbrook became vested in the Crown, and was annexed to the honor of Ampthill. It appears upon the Milbroke register in 1581; and it entirely disappears from there with the emigration to America of Thomas Stiles' children in 1635, having dwelt there altogether for a period of 54 years. one carte and tackling belonging & one timb r chaine 002 03 00 Et. There were two of these defended cent] Indent Windsor, Conn., pages L20, 121, 134. AN ACCOUNT OF DEBTS DUE FROM HENRY STYLES, SENIOR, TO THOMAS GILLBURT. 1649 to ye 3 d Novembi' 1651, hee being by covenant to pay three shillings ^ weeke for his diett, the sum whereof amounting to nineteen pounds sixteene shillings, 1 sa y 19 16 00 To y e said Henry: Lent in wheat two bush & 3 pecks 00 11 00 Lent in pease I bush. 2 & half e peck 00 13 10 Lent I bush, of oates to him .... 01 06 081 paid to Leiftennant Cooke for him 00 02 06 1 paid to Mr.

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