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It turns out that “True Blood’s” story of Sookie Stackhouse didn’t end with her being in a relationship with Vampire Bill after all.Instead, she gave him the true death, sobbing over his coffin filled with his bloody goo so that she could live a life unhindered by her draw to him.

The show's first season introduced quirky, interesting characters — Sookie's brother, Jason; her best friend, Tara; her mysterious boss, Sam — a great little southern gothic mystery. Why posed all these questions and occasionally delivered answers, all while cashing in on the metaphorical currency of its night creatures (e.g. Sure, we got to continue hanging out with Sookie, Bill, and the rest of the gang, but we also had to spend too much time with a character named "Eggs" and suffer through the usually-excellent Evan Rachel Wood as the Vampire Queen of Louisiana.

"Look I know I'm suppose to protect you since bill is away.

But you wouldn't happen to know were he is now would you" Eric asked curiously "No he didn't tell me I assumed you knew that's why your the one protecting me not Sam" Sookie responded "Sam as in your boss? " Sookie asked "He wants you to stay here since he isn't here they wont look here." Eric responded "Who are they.

Even though Eric saved her life once or twice maybe even three times, she still hated him. He and bill maybe getting along but he hates vampires even bill, and watching Sookie go home with Eric wasn't something that he took kindly.

Sookie was alone bill had disappeared and Eric was the one looking out for her.

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