Heightism in dating

This is perhaps most evident in our selection of presidents.

We almost always elect the taller presidential candidate.

This is evident in American society in myriad ways- that tall men make more money than equally educated shorter men with the same credentials, experience, and abilities, for example.

Heightism begins early in childhood and persists well into adulthood, perhaps indefinitely, according to Jonathan Rauch, author, journalist, and Brookings Institute guest scholar. Short men are seen as less secure, less capable, less positive, less masculine, and less successful, according to Rauch. We cannot help making subconscious height-based comparisons.

We engage in “gaze behavior”—a primitive way of establishing social hierarchies on the basis of whether we are looking up to or down on another—whenever we encounter someone.

To those we look down on, we ascribe less social power and negative character traits. Those we look up to, however, enjoy a “halo effect,” the automatic attribution of positive personality characteristics to them because of their height.

But unlike my skin color, when I was younger, my height never bothered me.

My height never affected my self-esteem or the way I saw myself.

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My barely five-foot height was equally noticeable by people.Like many others, I noticed that the bride-to-be is taller than her groom-to-be. The 6’6″ guy I dated weighed 300 pounds and was a professional offensive lineman. But the fact of the matter is that, for the most part, I go out with guys my height or taller. True or not, animals conditioned to believe one thing over untold millennia are hard to reprogram.It is not my intention to patronise you, but sometimes we need to see common sense statements over and over again and from someone elses lips before we internalise them. People who won't date you because you are shorter are saving you from a lot of bother later on.I know it's easier said then done to brush off the hurt you feel when someone won't date you because of your appearance.

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