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Breaking up is never an enjoyable experience, and in the end both sides are left hurt and probably even a little frustrated.But, things can become even worse when you have an ex who is throwing you mixed signals left and right.But unfortunately all the messages are replied by my character. And only after Prithviraj's character sees this girl that he comes to know of the truth! Prior to last week, anyone looking through actress, Mercy Aigbe’s Instagram page would have concluded that she had a perfect marriage with her husband, Lanre Gentry.

Her rib-tickling repartee is what makes Molly unique in the industry.

If a man isn’t over you, it’s unlikely that he will make plans to go on dates with new women. If your ex is still stuck on you, it’s likely that he’ll act loving and caring in efforts to try to win you back. Whether it’s with you or with other people, a good sign that your ex is still stuck on you is when he continues to talk about the relationship long after it’s over.

When a man lingers and dwells on something, he probably isn’t fully over it just yet.

There was a deep desire to get back into relationship or partnership with these people. I would remember why we decided to come together, but forgot why we broke apart.

Even though I KNEW it wasn’t healthy or for my best interest. So I asked The Uni-verse why the Love from my past had turned into poison of my present. I was remembering all the good moments, but forgetting the bad.

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