Dating younger girls in high school

In every high school, there’s almost certainly going to be a hot jock type dating a lucky underclassman; it’s a given.

It's practically as expected as falling asleep in your first period class Monday morning. My sophomore year, one of the most popular senior cheerleaders started dating the heartthrob of our class, much to the chagrin of the girls who had been subtly flirting with him all semester.

She says, "I think a lot of guys especially in high school will go for younger girls just because they'll give it up, you know.

They are willing to experiment, they are easier." The research shows that, with an older boy, girls are less likely to use a condom and more likely to get pregnant than other sexually active teens. Sometimes she doesn't have the assertiveness to stand up for herself and demand that a condom be used.

Both partners say their parents are unaware of this relationship.If you are having good communication with your teens, you get those clues a long time before they come home and say they have a boyfriend who's 18.Okay I was at Hollister (Clothing Store) today and I was talking to the girl at the cash register and I wasn't sure if she was flirting with me or not (irrelevant) but I didn't ask for her number because she seemed about a year older than me (Im 16, making her 17) Well I'm wondering if girls really care that much about being older than the guy they are dating in highschool?Parents can set ground rules (e.g., teens can only date someone who is one grade level above them).You want to have your children talking to you about who they are interested in, who they think is cute, and who they have their eyes on.

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