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Though IRL face time is obviously the best way to keep a relationship going, the ease with which we can get face time on our phones (whether through Snapchat, Skype, or, you know, Face Time) can certainly make that distance gap feel narrower.

But, can a relationship that with distance grow into a solid relationship at home?So far, things are going really well, and it’s because I’m following some great tips: One of the biggest obstacles in a long-distance relationship is people telling you that it's not going to work or throwing statistics of failed LDRs at you.Not only is that very rude, it's also very discouraging. You already know how tough it is without other people rubbing it in your face.Do your best to ignore it when people say things about your relationship or express doubt.If they really get to you, confront the person and let them know that it's not okay to comment on your relationship.

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