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Known as "Dutch" Huiswoud, he is credited with being the first official African-American basketball referee.Prior to his career as a referee, he served as the captain of the Amasons soccer team, jockeyed for several years, including a season spent at Havre de Gras and played basketball for St.Christopher and the Incorporator basketball teams of Harlem, New York, where he resided.Huiswoud's brother was the communist activist Otto Huiswoud, who headed of the International Trade Union Committee of Negro Workers in Hamburg, Germany. In 1922 he was appointed a referee by the Intercollegiate League (which represented various institutions such as Yale, Columbia and Brown Universities) and was later sanctioned by the Amateur Athletic Union of the United States.Their peak of popularity was 1876-1900, and many were pasted into scrapbooks along with non-commercial decorative items.

The scrapbooks contain playbills, theater programs, clippings, photographs, prints, correspondence, and other materials dating ca. Most of the content falls into two categories: notices and reviews of performances by magicians, and articles about magic and spiritualism.Director of the Barnard Archives & Special Collections Shannon O'Neill and Archives Graduate Fellows Cristina Fontánez Rodríguez and Hannah Sistrunk will present at the Society of American Archivists Annual Meeting this week in Portland, Oregon.Shannon chairs a roundtable called Radical Empathy in Archival Practice where one of the luminous participants is former graduate fellow Dinah Handel.The other five scrapbooks are chiefly comprised of articles about spiritualism, magic tricks, and related subjects.Two of these thematic scrapbooks have evocative titles: “Snake Charmers and Other Conjurers” and “Magic Illusions: Spooks No.

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